3WD Omni Wheel Starter Mobile Robot Kit

  • $ 631.80

With three ultrasonic finder sensors, this starter robot kit is a mobile platform based on omni wheels driven by DC motors with encoders. By using omni-directional wheels, this mobile robot kit can move in any direction at any angle without rotating beforehand. It is a starter kit for learning and enjoying the features of omni directional movements.
For programming we use the Arduino open-source platform in C/C++ programming languages. This mobile robot kit can be a platform for educational or hobbyist purposes. It is also suitable as an introduction into processor-controlled hobby electronics, for projects in schools and universities, for studies and adult education centers.
 The kit comes with following parts:
► 3 100mm omni wheels
► 3 DC motors with encoder
► 1 arduino 328
► 1 IO expansion
► 3 ultrasonic sensors
► 1 12V, 3500mA lithium battery
► 1 12V charger
► Appearance: Circle
► Dimensions: 290mm x 290mm x 135mm
► Chassis material: Aluminum alloy
► Color: Red
► Speed: 0.2m/s
► Net weight: 3kg
► Load capacity: 3kg
Omni wheels specifications:
►Outside wheel diameter: 100mm
► Anodized Aluminum plates: White color
►Width: 35.8mm
►Number of Rollers: 12
►Number of Plates: 2
►Body material: Aluminium alloy
►Roller Bearing: Ball bearing
►Roller material: PA+PU
►Spacer material: Nylon
►Length of roller: 28mm
►Net weight: 0.3kg
►Load capacity: 5Kg
DC motor specifications:
► Type: Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motor
► Power: 17W
► No Load Speed: 8100RPM/minute
► Reduced Speed: 120RPM/minute
► Diameter: 30mm
► Length: 42mm
► Total Length: 85mm
► Diameter of Shaft: 6mm
► Length of Shaft: 35mm
► No Load Current: 75mA
► Load Current: 1400mA
► Gearbox Ratio: 64:1
► Type: Optical
► Encoder Phase: AB
► Encoder Resolution: 12CPR