100mm Mecanum Wheel with Bearing Rollers Right

  • $ 55.00

The mecanum wheel is a multi-directional wheel that has been used for some time in robotics applications. It allows your robot not only move forward and backward, but also side to side. Using rollers set on a 45° rotational axis to the main rotational axis of the wheel, it allows sideways movement as well as forward and backward movement.
These mecanum wheels utilize 9 rollers positioned between 2 aluminum plates, its aluminum plates are anodized clear. In addition, each roller is mounted with 2 bearings on the sides to make the wheels move smoothly.
►Outside wheel diameter: 100mm
► Anodized Aluminum plates: White color
►Width: 50mm
►Number of Rollers: 9
►Number of Plates: 2
►Body material: Aluminium alloy
►Roller material: PA+PU
►Spacer material: Nylon
►Length of roller: 47mm
►Net weight: 0.4kg
►Load capacity: 15Kg